Anti-plagiarism procedures

The manuscript is initially evaluated on the basis of the generated similarity test report from iThenticate professional plagiarism prevention program, and then:

  1. In the absence of any objections, the paper is considered not to be questionable and is directed to further editing.
  2. If there are any reservations, the article is subject to a detailed assessment by the editor-in-chief of the journal, which:
  • asks the author to respond to the reservations disclosed on the basis of the anti-plagiarism system report,
  • after analyzing the author's explanations, formulates a written position on borrowings and presents an unequivocal assessment of whether or not the work contains unauthorized borrowings.
  1. If it is stated that the work is plagiarism, the article is not allowed for publication, at the same time the position of the Editor-in-Chief and a detailed report on the anti-plagiarism system are sent to the author and his parent.