• Jurij Klapkiv Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Lodz


The following research methods are used to achieve this goal: theoretical synthesis, analysis, abstract and logical - to reveal the relationship of the global food crisis in the context of achieving food security goals; interpretation and comparison - to determine the prospects for improving food security; tabular and graphical - for a visual representation of food security in the world. It has been established that food security is an objective necessity for human development. Its provision is a guarantee of regular access of the population to high-quality food necessary for leading an active and healthy life. Taking into account the analysed indicators of food security, reserves have been identified for improving the growth of food security in the strategy of sustainable development of Ukraine and the world. A cumulative interrelated analysis of pandemic and post-pandemic poverty growth, declining profitability, and price differentiation in food security has been conducted. The assessment of divergent changes in the food sector of Ukraine and other countries is carried out taking into account the challenges of the environmental environment. The results of the study on food security can be used in the management of the economy and the agro-industrial sector as one of the goals of sustainable development.


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Klapkiv, J. (2021). GLOBAL AREAS OF AGRARIAN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Economic Sciences for Agribusiness and Rural Economy", (4).