The purpose of this study is to identify the global trends in bioeconomic development and to develop the Concept of a State Strategy of Bioeconomic Development in Ukraine for the period until 2030. The authors define the bioeconomy as a set of industries that ensure the sustainable use of renewable resources, the use of biotechnologies for production while reducing the potential environmental damage, contributing to the innovative development of relevant sectors, and providing positive aspects of socio-economic development. The article formulates approaches to measuring the state and effectiveness of the bioeconomic development in Ukraine and the EU countries. Based on the analysis of world experience, it is concluded that to accelerate the development of the bioeconomy in Ukraine, it is necessary to develop the Strategy for the development of the bioeconomy in Ukraine. The conceptual foundations of such a Strategy have been developed by the authors of the article. The results of the study are the basis for the development and implementation of the State Strategy for the Development of Bioeconomy in Ukraine. The relevance of this study is determined by the absence of the Bioeconomic Development Strategy in Ukraine, which makes it difficult for the country to reach a new technological and innovative level of development. At the same time, the development and implementation of this Strategy will help Ukraine enter the international system of production of new knowledge and technologies.


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Butenko, V., Baidala, V., Slavkova, O., & Sukhostavets, A. (2021). STRATEGIC FUNDAMENTALS OF BIOECONOMY DEVELOPMENT IN UKRAINE . Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Economic Sciences for Agribusiness and Rural Economy", (4).